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ac service and heating 01When it comes to a comfortable drive, your air conditioning system is vitally important. With a great AC system, you look forward to getting into your car after a long and hot summer day out in the sun, or after a cold winter night in the snow. Good auto air conditioning will give you comfort no matter the temperature outside so that you can easily handle whatever the road and weather conditions throw at you. But if the AC in your car is faulty or broken completely, and you need AC repair in Lebanon, IN, it can be more than unpleasant. Long drives to visit family and friends in the winter leave you freezing and shivering, and can even make the shortest drives in the summer heat sweaty and unbearable.

Your comfort is a huge part of having a good driving experience, which is why at JTR Repair Lebanon we take pride in getting you the best auto AC service and repair in Lebanon, IN so that even the hottest summer days feel like a breeze in your car! Bring your car in for AC service at JTR Repair Lebanon today, and we’ll get you the cool refreshing drive you deserve!

Auto AC Service Lebanon IN

Next time the AC is out in your car, don’t sweat it, just come see the trusted auto AC experts in Lebanon, IN at JTR Repair Lebanon! At JTR Repair Lebanon, we take pride in getting you the best driving experience possible, so that you can take on the roads with comfort and confidence. Swing by our shop in Lebanon, IN today, and let us show you why we’re the best!

Auto AC Repair Lebanon IN

While the AC system can often be ignored in favor of more pressing auto repairs, ignoring a faulty AC system can lead to disastrous consequences. When the AC is out in your car, is only blowing hot air, has a funny smell, or you see fluid leaking out of your vehicle, it can mean any number of problems that would need attention right away. It can be leaking refrigerant, which can lead to damage to both your vehicle and the environment, or it could be moisture, debris, or even mildew buildup in the vents, which can lead to more expensive and longer repairs down the road. So as soon as you notice something is off with the AC in your ride, don’t wait around, come see the expert mechanics at JTR Repair Lebanon for the best auto AC repair in Lebanon, IN!

Auto AC Repair Near Me

For the trusted auto AC experts in Lebanon, IN, come to JTR Repair Lebanon today! To schedule your appointment for auto AC service and repair, feel free to give us a call or book online! We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon.

FREEA/C Performance Test


  • Test Vent Temperature
  • Pressure Test System
  • Inspect for Visible Leaks
  • Document Findings & Advise

Perform 4 point inspection listed above. Freon and/or leak detection dye is extra. Cannot combine with other offers. Limited time offer.


EXP 04-30-2023

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